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Updated on Aug 3, 2020. Posted on Jul 29, 2020

Here Are All 16 Songs From Taylor Swift's "Folklore" As Emojis


The world can't get enough of Taylor Swift's new album, Folklore. Not only is it a welcome surprise during these strange times, but it could very well be Swift's magnum opus considering that Metacritic gave the album an 89 Metascore, making this her highest-rated album yet! So, here's an emoji summary that captures the essence of each of Folklore's songs.


1. "the 1"

A fog, snowflake, and handwritten letter emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Swift's "the 1" wraps you in a blanket of a foggy winter day. The first two piano chords are like a diary opening, inviting us into the most intimate parts of her heart.

2. "cardigan"

parted lips, clock, tea cup, yarn ball, and parted lips emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Sultry and sensual, this song feels like picking up your ex-lover's cashmere cologne they left at your house. You can almost smell them if you close your eyes.

3. "the last great american dynasty"

galaxy, diamond, eye, diamond, galaxy
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Swift takes a peek at life through the diamond kaleidoscope of the last great American dynasty. You can't help but feel like you're driving along the coast of Rhode Island away from your life of luxury.

4. "exile"

fog, small black box, black heart, small black box, fog emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

There's a beating, heavy heart at the core of "exile" surrounded by darkness and fog. You can barely see anything around you, but maybe that's for the best.

5. "my tears ricochet"

small white box, tears, emoji crying one tear, tears, small white box emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Crying in a room full of mirrors. This one really twists at the heartstrings, one of Swift's most precious gifts.

6. "mirrorball"

dazzles, dazzles, mirrorball, dazzles, dazzels emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Taylor Swift's producer, Aaron Dessner, described this song as a "hazy sort of beautiful." This slow-burning song feels like laying down and looking up at the lights of a warm, glowing disco ball as you envision the future.

7. "seven"

pine tree, falling fall leaves, baby with halo, falling fall leaves, pine tree emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

In this song, Swift begs us to come along with her and feel the innocence of playing on a playground in the middle of a forest. And, of course, we accept the invitation.

8. "august"

waves, partly cloudy, yellow heart, partly cloudy, balloon emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

"august" is the sun breaking through a cloudy sky, the smell of the salty ocean air whipping past your face, letting go of a balloon and watching it fly far, far away.

9. "this is me trying"

phone, person on knees, door, person breathing, phone emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

This song is a sort of confessional voicemail from Swift. When she says, "but I'm here in your doorway," followed by, "I just wanted you to know this is me trying," you can hear the surrender in her voice. She's decided to keep trying and do her best. There's no other option.

10. "illicit affairs"

red heart, chains, chair, chains, red heart emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

This song feels like singing alone to yourself every single thing you've been bottling up inside. We don't have to settle for second best, and it's ok to remind ourselves of that.

11. "invisible string"

white heart, thread, two women lovers, thread, white heart emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

This song is probably the sweetest one on the album and is like connecting the dots in a journal you thought you'd misplaced long ago.

12. "mad woman"

piano keys, knife, woman making an "x" with her arms, black heart, piano keys
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

"mad woman" is one of Taylor's darkest songs. Each note of the song is payback for someone calling a woman "crazy."

13. "epiphany"

music score, cloud, sun, cloud, music score emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

With Imogene Heap undertones, this song is an orchestral reminder of the silver lining in any situation. Bittersweet yet evocative, this might very well be one of Swift's most emotionally charged songs to date.

14. "betty"

banjo, wilting rose, pleading eyes emoji, black heart, banjo
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

This is a campfire song with country aspects reminiscent of Swift's early career, sung by someone who was complicit in cheating. You can almost hear the crackle of the logs burning and the crickets chirping.

15. "peace"

waves, dove, microphone, black heart, piano keys
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

"peace" feels almost improvised, like a quiet yet powerful plea breaking through cold-stone silence. It's pondering while looking out an airplane window at the castle of clouds just out of reach.

16. And lastly, "hoax"

piano keys, little white square, blue heart, little white square, piano keys emojis
Emily Joy Oomen/Apple

Swift ends the album with a song about faithless love, her piano keys like a warm blanket draped around her shoulders in the middle of winter.

Ultimately, there aren't nearly enough emojis in the entire world to fully express the spectrum of complex emotions in this album, but we sure had fun trying! What emojis would you associate with folklore? Let us known in the comments!

A cat emoji next to Taylor Swift in the movie music cats making a similar face
Austin Allie/Apple/Universal Pictures

Oh, and while you're here, you might as well find out which song from folklore you are! I got "epiphany!"

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