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10 Things That Happen When You're The Oldest In Your Friend Group

Whether you're in college for an extra year, or you're just older than all of your coworkers, there are some things you'll go through at some point.

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1. Everyone comes to you for advice.

Pedro Ribeiro Simões / Via Flickr: pedrosimoes7

You're the closest thing they've got to an older sibling that lives nearby, so they'll listen to what you would do if you were them.

2. The things they're going through are so two years ago to you.

Camdiluv ♥ / Via Flickr: camdiluv

Whether it's trying to find their soul-college-major or the classic post-high-school breakup, the things your young friends face seem to remind you of times gone by.

3. You feel old for being behind on slang.

Ferfha / Via

Everyone seems to be in on some lingo you haven't heard about yet, and they use it all the time. You find yourself constantly asking, "What does dank mean?"

4. You can't keep up with their Snapchat battles.

Olja Antic / Via Flickr: 99357820@N06

They're all obsessed with the app, and the few times you glimpse what they're actually sending to each other, you feel both intimidated and relieved that no one expects that from you.

5. Their music makes you feel like a senior citizen.

Bobo Boom / Via Flickr: fotnmc

Songs that came out six months ago are called "old". Your pals are constantly mentioning bands you've never heard of, so you can never catch up with who they're all listening to.

6. When you share your troubles, they can't relate.

Allan Rotgers / Via Flickr: 122662432@N04

Since they've not had their quarter-life crisis yet, venting to them just doesn't help the way you think it should. It's not their fault but it still sucks.

7. Their fashion sense is a mystery to you.

Fashionby He / Via Flickr: fashionbyhe

You can't understand why or how your friends can wear so many pieces of clothing at once, but still you don't judge them for it.

8. The newest dance moves your friends do seem a bit ridiculous.

Geff Herrera / Via

When one friend does it you don't question it. When they all start doing it you wonder why you've not ever seen these strange gyrations before.

9. Their generation of celebrities are pretty foreign to you.

Taylore Fowler / Via

Your pals use their first names left and right, and it takes you a while to realize they're not just talking about some friends of theirs that you've never met.

10. Through it all, you realize what it's like to love your kids no matter what.

Montse PB / Via Flickr: montseprats

All you want is for them to all get along with each other, and now you get why parents want the best for their kids.

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