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    Machine Gun Kelly Spotted An Easter Egg In Megan Fox's Latest Instagram Pics And Called Attention To The Hidden Gem


    It isn't necessarily rare to see Machine Gun Kelly's face in a photo that Megan Fox posts on Instagram — or vice versa — but the rapper's latest appearance on his partner's social media page was a little bit less straightforward than usual.

    Yesterday, Megan shared a stunning series of pics that featured the actor rocking a denim-on-denim ensemble and neon green bodysuit with a purse to match. She also wore strappy heels in the sunny outdoor snapshots. It was a mood.

    "This is how I go to Erewhon now," she captioned the post. "Let's talk about it."

    MGK spotted a fun Easter egg in Megan's final photo and called it out in her post's comments section.

    The somewhat hidden gem, as he pointed out, was actually the musician himself on Megan's iPhone screen.

    "What aisle are you gonna be in," MGK wrote in his comment, before adding, "I like your lock screen."

    I think it's pretty safe to say that Megan does too.