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    Machine Gun Kelly's Daughter Was His Plus-One At Another Red Carpet Event, And Dare I Say The Pics Are Even Sweeter Than Their AMAs Debut

    I'll just come right out and say it — I love them.

    You know Machine Gun Kelly ⁠— rapper, occasional actor, partner to Megan Fox, and pal to Pete Davidson.

    He's certainly no stranger to headline-making red carpet moments, of which there were quite a few this year. My personal favorites are those that see MGK serving proud dad energy, and if you've scrolled through photos of him and his daughter before, then you probably understand where I'm coming from.

    MGK pinky swearing with his daughter on the red carpet

    Just weeks after MGK — whose given name is Colson Baker — and his daughter, Casie Colson Baker, thoroughly charmed us during their red carpet debut at the American Music Awards, the duo brought their magic to another event in New York City last night.

    Casie joined MGK at the premiere of his upcoming film, The Last Son, an action-drama directed by Tim Sutton that also stars Heather Graham and Sam Worthington.

    Heather Graham and MGK pose with the movie's director Tim Sutton on the red carpet

    MGK posed for dozens of photos with the movie's director and his fellow cast members ahead of the screening. But as you can see, they hardly compared to his and Casie's father-daughter snapshots, which were simultaneously heartwarming and ultra-cool.

    MGK with his arm around his daughter who is rocking a long leather jacket

    Even if this is the first you've seen of MGK and Casie's red carpet appearances, it's possible you'll recognize her from Instagram, where she's often pictured in her dad's posts.

    Here's hoping Casie is MGK's standing plus-one from now on.