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    Laverne Cox Referenced Tiffany Haddish's "I'm Not Wearing A Costume" Comment At The Grammys And It Was A Moment

    You need to see this.

    Laverne Cox's pop culture references were predictably on-point at the Grammys last night. But her nod to that Oscars comeback by Tiffany Haddish was in a league of its own.

    Close up of Laverne in a lace dress

    Laverne attended yesterday's award show as a red carpet correspondent for E! and while she may not have been up for a Grammy, this quip surely deserves some kind of award.

    The Inventing Anna star interviewed numerous artists throughout the evening — including Jon Batiste, who won five accolades and wore a custom Dolce & Gabanna suit to the ceremony.

    "What can I say, I'm just blessed," said Jon, after explaining that the suit's color scheme aimed to honor his home city, New Orleans, which was really special since his family came to the show.

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    "You are blessed, indeed," Laverne replied. "And all I have to say is: This is not a costume."

    Laverne and Jon laughing during the interview

    "This is Dolce & Gabanna."

    In case you missed Tiffany's viral Oscars comment two Sundays ago, here's some context. The Girls Trip actor absolutely dragged an Entertainment Tonight reporter when the journalist referred to Tiffany's outfit switch as "a little costume change" during their chat ahead of Vanity Fair's after-party.

    close up of Tiffany in a sparkly dress

    "I'm not wearing a costume. I'm wearing Dolce & Gabbana. It's called an evening gown, darling," Tiffany responded. "No one is paying me for this. I paid for it, it's custom. Thank you."

    Tiffany Haddish has awkward exchange with a reporter who called her gown a “costume” at #VanityFairOscarParty. 🎥: @ETNow / @lovelyti

    @ETNow / @lovelyti / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

    She went on to say this is what having "fame," "success," and "money" looks like, before pointing out the journalist's lack of shoes on-camera.

    Anyway, that was a moment, and so is this. You can watch Laverne's red carpet call-out below:

    E! Entertainment / @ViralFinds / Via Twitter: @ViralFinds