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    Kim Kardashian Was Very Excited To Learn That Her WikiFeet Profile Boasts Five Stars

    "Oh my god."

    We were under the impression that public interest in Kim Kardashian's feet subsided after last year's curious six-toe saga came to a close.

    Gotham / GC Images via Getty Images

    But alas, those assumptions were incorrect. It turns out the reality TV star's lower extremities are actually a popular point of focus for some folks in internet forums, who built an exhaustive WikiFeet fan page just to celebrate them.

    Kim stumbled upon the site recently, and recorded her discovery in one of several Instagram Story videos that came on the heels of others where she promoted SKIMS's new line of socks.

    "Wait there's a such thing as a WikiFeet," Kim says in the clip, as she scrolls through a photo grid that features numerous snaps taken of her while barefoot. "Oh my god, look at my profile," she continues. "Who made this?"

    It's probably safe to say creating the gallery was a community effort, but Kim didn't linger on that point for long since she soon realized that WikiFeet visitors assign ratings to site content.

    Kim was eager to learn her "score" and thrilled after seeing the five-star review. "Yes!" she shouts excitedly in another clip.

    Head over to Kim's Instagram Story if you'd like to witness her reaction yourself.