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    Jennifer Lopez Shared Her Simple A.M. Skincare Regimen, So Excuse Me While I Rework My Morning Routine ASAP

    Four steps for the J. Lo glow? I'm listening...

    In addition to her standout strengths as a triple threat performer, Jennifer Lopez has a signature glow that's consistently luminous and seemingly impenetrable

    Jennifer Lopez performs onstage

    The radiance in question here isn't a reference to J. Lo's commanding stage presence or personality — although it easily could be.

    Jennifer Lopez performs onstage

    More literally, I'm talking about her flawless skin.

    Jennifer Lopez performs live on New Year's Eve in Times Square

    The 52-year-old star's natural highlight caught the public's attention forever ago, and decades of conversation about it eventually led Jen to launch JLo Beauty, an anticipated line of skincare products, last January.

    She walked fans through her nightly care regimen around the time of the launch, and six months later, answered their requests for more coveted intel with a follow-up morning tutorial.

    JEnnifer Lopez is photographed ahead of Global Citizen VAX LIVE: The Concert To Reunite The World

    Now, I know you saw that photo of Jennifer kissing Ben Affleck over the weekend. She posted it on Instagram to commemorate her birthday and, mercifully, to prevent us from going absolutely mad wondering if the early 2000s couple was back together again.

    J. Lo's previous social media post was, dare I say, comparably brilliant. The five-minute video sees her barefaced and walking followers through a surprisingly simple a.m. skincare routine.

    Jen's process includes four steps, each made possible with JLo Beauty products. As for her trademark glow? There's a serum for that.

    So, if you, like me, have spent far too much time examining your own complexion and asking yourself how in the world does J. Lo do it, these tips will likely provide some very valuable insight. Check out her morning skincare tutorial to hear from the expert firsthand.