Colin Jost Trolled Scarlett Johansson After She Launched An Instagram Account For Her Skincare Brand

    "Is this the best way to contact you?"

    For years, Scarlett Johansson has remained one of the few Hollywood celebrities without a social media presence. But that changed three days ago, when the Black Widow star launched an Instagram account dedicated to her new skincare brand, The Outset.

    Now, many of us know that Scarlett is married to Colin Jost, the comedian best recognized for delivering Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. The couple exchanged vows in 2020 and welcomed their first child together last summer.

    Scarlett and Colin's personal interactions have largely been a mystery to us throughout their relationship, which makes sense given her lack of a digital footprint until very recently.

    That said, the parents and long-term partners are IG official — kind of — as of yesterday. Their intro to online communication came shortly after The Outset started posting photos to a profile that currently consists only of promotional pictures and videos. It is a company profile, after all.

    "Is this the best way to contact you?" Colin wrote in the comments section of Scarlett's — aka The Outset's — second Instagram post.

    "I'm starting a similar brand called 'Part of a Face' and would love to use this photo," he continued. "Thanks."

    About 24 hours later, it looks like Colin's request has gone unanswered. Maybe he'd have better luck with a DM.