Billie Eilish Wishes People Would Stop Paying Attention To Her Personal Life And Just Focus On Her Music

    "I just wanted to make a song once...I never said, 'Hey, pay attention to my life."

    Billie Eilish has contended with the perks and consequences of fame for years now.

    Now 19, the Grammy-winning singer has been subjected to body-shaming as well as sexist, inappropriate comments about her style and physical appearance, and prying questions about her personal life.

    And Billie is calling out all these things in an interview for Elle's October cover story. She talked about how they impact her, and called out the double standard that's at least partially to blame for people's endless opinions and inquiries.

    "Like, oh yeah, that's everyone else's business, right?" she said of arbitrary remarks about her sexuality. "No. Where's that energy with men?"

    Billie also shared her thoughts on the strange social media reaction to her latest wardrobe choices. "People hold on to these memories and have an attachment. But it's very dehumanizing," she said, and recalled losing "100,000 followers" after posting an Instagram photo of her wearing a corset.

    Billie explained that ongoing negativity and probing, understandably, take an emotional toll on her. "I just wanted to make a song once, and then I kept making songs. I never said, 'Hey, pay attention to my life,'" she said.

    You can read Billie's full Elle interview here.