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    We Found Some Of Walmart's Most Popular (And Most Affordable) Artificial Christmas Trees

    Let the rocking around commence.

    If you’re decking the halls this holiday season, a Christmas tree is the one item you can’t skip out on. The Christmas tree is where gifts are exchanged and treasured ornaments are hung. It’s more than decor; it’s a central part of celebrating the season.

    Holiday Time's artificial pre-lit Christmas tree

    Rounded up here are among the highest-rated ones. Keep reading to see the winners and why people who purchased them love them so much.

    1. A classy, pre-lit tree that’s 6.5 feet tall

    2. A skinny tree if you’re short on space

    3. A traditional fluffy artificial tree

    4. A pre-lit tree with 220 tips

    5. A 4-foot tree for small spaces

    6. Or an 8-foot pre-lit tree

    7. An artificial tree with bright LED lights

    8. A spruce artificial tree with a foldable base

    Tree with a collar

    9. An all-white artificial tree

    10. A light pink artificial tree

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