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You Have To See This Amazing Fan Art

Chalk it up to pure talent.

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This is Beth, aka The Chalk Girl.

And she draws some of your favorite characters, you guessed it, using chalk.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

I mean, look at this gorgeous tribute to Princess Leia.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

Carrie Fisher would be proud.

The attention to detail is insane.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

The best I could ever do with chalk was stick figures on the sidewalk.

This time-lapse shows the process from start to finish.

Facebook: video.php

This takes some mad skill.

Lin-Manuel Miranda never looked so good.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

She's not throwing away her shot.

And this drawing of Newt Scamander is magical.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

The video of her drawing it was shared on J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World YouTube Channel.

You know nothing Jon Snow, except that this is a badass piece of art.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

Even Stephen Amell is impressed.

Instagram: @thechalkgirl

And why wouldn't he be? She's freaking talented.

She's constantly sharing new work on her Facebook and Instagram

Seriously, go follow her like right now.

Facebook: video.php
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