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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

*Cracks fingers* Let's do this.

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1. I'm graduating from Stony Brook University in May with a degree in journalism and business.

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I've studied journalism ethics and writing for the past four years. I know proper grammar, syntax, diction, and many other fancy writing terms. I originally minored in business out of fear of being totally broke, but found that I really have an interest in marketing and public relations.

2. I'm an editor of my college's newspaper, creator of my college's first satire column, an avid blogger, and an advocate of the Oxford comma.

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You can check out the stories I wrote for my college's paper, The Statesman, here. You can see additional works I've done on my blog here. Plus, I've also written a number of list articles for BuzzFeed in the past that are all on my BuzzFeed profile. If you couldn't tell, I love to write.

3. I have two years of intensive editing experience under my belt as opinions editor for my college paper.

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From perfect sex spots on campus to toilets that flush too much water, I've heard stories that are the craziest of the cray. But I helped every writer that came to me get something published.

4. I can pump out those creative and interesting story ideas no problemo.

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I know good story ideas and I know bad ones. For example I would never pitch that someone should make a list article for a potential employer about why they should hire them because WOW self-centered much?

5. I've had numerous internships that required good writing and editing skills, and all worked under a strict deadline.

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I interned at an NPR radio station, WSHU Public Radio, and with the editorial board of the top newspaper in Albany, The Times Union. AND I NEVER GOT FIRED ONCE! *Self high-five*

6. While I'm confident working alone, I love collaborating with people on new ideas and projects.


I'm a pretty gregarious person. If the social butterfly had a slightly awkward cousin, they would be me.

7. I'm an expert of memes and a lover of GIFS. If you want to know what I'm doing most nights at 1:00 a.m., it's hunting for memes on Instagram.


Me: I'm a meme expert

Friend: You only know that one of the blinking white guy


7. I've been reading BuzzFeed my whole life, and have read almost every listical article made and watched every Tasty video ever produced

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*Takes 48 BuzzFeed quizzes during the one hour lecture.*

8. I have social media and marketing experience, and know how to grow a brand on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


I was a social media and marketing intern for the Commuter Students department of my college. I helped increase followership and engagement across all social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Want to know how I did it? Follow me on Twitter. Or hire me. Hiring works too.

9. I'm a curious, hard working person who knows how to surf the web for interesting content and stories.

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Is not afraid to pull all-nighters in the office.

10. All in all, I'm just a young writer who's trying to create some funny and interesting content for everyone to enjoy.

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Despite all my sheltered nights of writing away at my laptop, I promise I'm still a normal person. I love going on runs, long-boarding, consuming copious amounts of Ritz crackers in one sitting, and not cooking. I really can't cook.

All my contact information can be found on my resume I sent. Feel free to shoot me an email, a phone call, a DM or a carrier pigeon. No matter how you do it, I look forward to speaking with you!

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