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8 Times Olivia Was A Goddamn Queen In 'Scandal'

btw this post probably has spoilers

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So it is a well known fact that Olivia Pope from Scandal (aka the best show ever) is a fucking angel that we don't deserve to have on our TV's once a week. Here's a gif of her drinking wine because she loves wine and if she loves wine I love wine.

So I have put it upon myself to find some of the best ever Olivia Pope moments. If you disagree or have something to add leave a comment, thanks ;)


Also I would like give Kerry Washington a shout out beauce she is so amazing and deserves all the oscars.

1. Literally every time she says 'it's handled'


From controlling the narrative on her affair with Fitz to fixing the myriad problems that come across her desk, she is always ten steps ahead. Meanwhile, I can't even stay ahead of my laundry.

3. When she was kidnapped but still ran the show


Even though she may have been a bit scared, Liv used her knowledge of Farsi (because of course she's fluent in Farsi) to control the kidnapping situation and ultimately get to safety.

And while i've got you I have one question...

  1. Should Olivia be with Jake or Fitz?

8 Times Olivia Was A Goddamn Queen In 'Scandal'

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Should Olivia be with Jake or Fitz?
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