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    21 Universal Things We All Did As Kids That Are – And I Cannot Stress This Enough – Truly And Utterly Ridiculous

    Some of y'all never hid in a JCPenny clothes rack, and it shows.

    1. Tried to make the traffic lights change with your mind

    2. Peeled off all the stickers on a Rubix cube

    3. Put Bugles on all your fingers

    4. Made origami fortune tellers

    5. Repeatedly asked “Why?” when someone told you something

    6. Drew on your hand in the middle of class

    7. Speaking of drawing, remember that "S" thing?

    8. Climbed up a slide

    9. Played Red Rover

    10. Practiced your autograph (Not signature — autograph)

    11. Raced raindrops on the car window

    12. Covered your hand with Elmer's Glue just so you could peel it off

    13. Ate dog food like a weirdo

    14. Hid yourself in the clothes rack while your parents were shopping

    15. But then losing your parents in the grocery store really sucked

    16. Tried very seriously to avoid all the cracks on the pavement

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    But sometimes stepping on all the cracks when you were mad at her... 👀

    17. Given yourself a shampoo mohawk

    18. Tried to set the world record for longest unbroken pencil shaving

    19. Hidden things at Toys-R-Us so other kids couldn't steal what was rightfully yours

    20. Either proposed or got proposed to with a Ring Pop

    21. And lastly, ate some watermelon and started panicking when some dumb adult said you were going to grow a watermelon in your stomach

    So, that concludes our list, but we're sure there's a LOT more!