Victoria Beckham’s 30 Most Memorable Outfits

Aside from all of her Spice Girls outfits, of course. Happy birthday, V.B.!

30. The “Incredibly Long And Incredibly Lean “

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

29. The “Someone Should Invent Leather Socks”

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

For real, though.

28. The “Ain’t Nothing But A G-Thang”


27. The “I’m Cold, But Not THAT Cold”

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

26. The “Orange You Glad I Wore This” Dress

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

25. The “Yes, I Do Collect Vinyls, Thanks For Asking”

Salvatore Laporta / Getty Images

24. The “They Mold Award Statues After My Physique”

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

23. The “I’m Not Actually A Conductor”

Giuseppe Cacace / Getty Images

22. The “Bonsai Bonsai Tree”

Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images

21. The “Austin Danger Powers”

Bruno Vincent / Getty Image

20. The “I’m a Trendsetting Pilgrim”

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

19. The “Did You Ask Me What My Favorite Color Is?”

MJ Kim / Getty Image

No? Well, it’s green.

18. The “I Didn’t Shave My Legs Today”

Rob Kim / Getty Images

17. The “Carrie Bradshaw Clubwear”

Salvatore Laporta / Getty Images

16. The “Business Meets Pleasure And Then Meets Business Again”

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

15. The “Grecian Fabric Store”

Steve Finn / Getty Images

You buy it and then you wrap it. Simple as that!

14. The “We Haven’t Installed Our Air Conditioning Unit Yet”


But this dress is breezy as hell, y’all.

13. The “Pinstriped Half-Suit”

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Perhaps the invite to this event said “Be cool but be caj.”

12. The “I’ve Got A Good Support System”

Getty Images

11. The “Walmart In Panama City Beach”

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

That’s probably where she bought her hat. Or at least that’s where I got my t-shirt airbrushed.

10. The “Wet Paper Towel With a Twist”

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

9. The “Double-sided Tape Is My Savior”

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

8. The “Zorro’s Lady Friend Might’ve Worn This In The Movie”

7. The “Hope You’re Not The Least Bit Bloated”

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

A see-through midriff! This is my worst nightmare.

6. The “Whatever you Do, Don’t Look Straight At It”

George De Sota/Newsmakers

For your health, don’t stare too long. It’s like looking into a laser.

5. The “Sassy Zebra”

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

4. The “You Don’t Have To Go To The Bathroom Soon, Do You?”

Because if so, GOOD LUCK TO YA, LADY.

3. The “Broken Zipper”

Getty Images

2. The “I Think I Was Supposed To Dry Clean It”

MJ Kim / Getty Images

It was longer. In length.

1. Finally, The “Everything But The Kitchen Sink”

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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