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    Will Smith's Trailer Is More Luxurious Than My Own Home

    Is that in any way surprising to anyone, at all? No. No, it is not.

    Oh, by trailer, I meant TRANSFORMER, my b.

    Does your house have a nicer version of the Walgreens doors??? NO. MINE'S GLASS AND SWINGS TO THE LEFT.

    Does your house have a gold AND silver sink? NO. MINE'S SILVER AND RUSTY-COLORED!! WHAT THE HELL??

    Does your house have a very bright makeup mirror with a TV on it??? TRY NOT. I DO MY MAKEUP ON THE CARPET WITH A HAND MIRROR!!!

    Does your house have a couch with three pillows??? ABSOLUTELY NOT. MY COUCH ONLY HAS TWO PILLOWS AND THEY HAVE FEATHERS STICKING OUT!

    Does your house have a table from the Holiday Inn??!! OF COURSE NOT. OUR TABLE IS FROM IKEA!

    Is your living room narrow and long???!! NEVER. IT'S SQUARE, PEOPLE. WTF.

    Watch this clip if you have any desire to feel like shit for the rest of the day!

    Via HGTV