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    Mr. Bean Is Nothing Like Mr. Bean In Real Life

    Who would've guessed??

    Many of you know Rowan Atkinson from the CLASSIC film Mr. Bean.

    Or perhaps, as Enrico Pollini in the best movie ever:Rat Race.

    If this face doesn't strike a bell or remind you of a pleasant time in your life,

    Then today is a sad day.

    For this lad is a legend.

    But many people often wonder, what does Mr. Bean do when he's not Mr. Bean?

    What does his face look like when it doesn't look like this face??

    Well folks, he's actually quite normal.

    You know, normal in the sense that he's a comedic actor with a master's degree in electrical engineering.

    Normal like, he hangs out with Duchess of Cornwall, normal.

    And attended the royal wedding, which is not THAT unusual.

    He's also seriously involved in politics. WHO KNEW?

    He's just an ordinary guy, who HAPPENS to be a real-life race car driver.

    And sometimes gets into fender-benders like the rest of us...

    He even wears dad clothes and vacations in Italy on the occasion!

    Rowan is basically just a tourist like everyone else.

    See? Would ya look at that!?

    Signing autographs is part of his routine, but whatever.

    And sure, he stars in musicals too, but so what?

    He's just a regular lad who loves to whisper.

    Look, even his family seems down to earth!

    Okay, but seriously. THIS IS THE WOMAN HE'S MARRIED TO.


    Rowan Atkinson is one charming son of a gun!

    Touché, sir. Touché.