The Kardashians Got Too Rowdy On A Trampoline

Kylie Jenner even sustained an injury during their jumping session. Ouch.

1. One minute, things are fine.

Kimkardashian / instagram.com

2. The sun’s out (sort of), the birds are chirpin’, the gals are wrestlin’. Life is good.

khloekardashian / instagram.com

3. Then all the sudden, it hits you all at once, like a brick or a can of peas. THE DOUBLE-BOUNCE.

khloekardashian / instagram.com

The double-bounce ‘ain’t no joke.

4. Double-bouncing is literally living life on the Dangerous side with a capital D.

kourtneykardash / instagram.com

It’s not for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle it, you simply gotta walk away.

5. Or go to the hospital if it’s bad enough.

kyliejenner / instagram.com

6. Remember: Always be careful when engaging with this bouncy death trap.


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