Jude Law Gets Naked For New Movie ‘Dom Hemingway’

He also humps a money safe as well, so there’s that.

1. The trailer begins by introducing Dom Hemingway, a curvier, less polished version of Jude Law.

2. A man who drinks excessively and yells enthusiastically at bars.

3. One that uninvitedly blacks out on his daughter’s doorstep.

4. But, also just a guy that supports nude power walking.

5. And whatever is happening in the middle here.


6. Oh, did you say you didn’t get a good look at it?


7. No, you didn’t say that? I must’ve misunderstood. My apologies.


8. Moving on.


9. Anyways, Dom seems like an all-around spontaneous lad, swimming with his clothes on and such.

10. Walking fiercely, getting things done.

11. Oh. Alright. Got it, Jude, thanks.

12. Watch the whole trailer here!

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