Iwan Rheon Is One Beautiful, Beautiful Man

    See below and all obvious evidence currently in the world for reference.

    This is Iwan Rheon, everybody. Pronounced Ew-an Ree-on.

    You might know him from Game of Thrones. This role does not accurately portray how gorgeous this man is.

    So, let's simply look past this crazy character.

    Like, way past it. Like, the furthest point you could go past this character, go there.

    Then, stop at this guy. For a fantastic representation of how adorable he is, go watch him as Simon in Misfits, now-ish.

    Or just look at this picture for a lengthy period of time.

    OR, get crazy with it and look at this picture for an even longer period of time. Whichever.

    You've probably noticed already, this man's face is actually quite exquisite.

    His body, on the other hand, literally no big deal. Pretty much doesn't even matter.

    Like we shouldn't even talk about these GIFs because they're so irrelevant to my life right now.

    Moving forward...You should note, he's got exceptional rhythm.

    He's just THAT guy who looks good doing everything, you know what I mean?

    Like, just basic laughing, for example.

    Smiling these smiles and such.

    Or, like, consuming and stuff.

    Even protecting his ears when it gets chilly inside.

    I'm not saying that he's better than almost every man on this planet, I'm just saying he's on another kind of level.

    Like, when he makes a bad joke, we still laugh enthusiastically, you understand?

    When he has upper-lip sweat, it's different than when everyone else has upper-lip sweat, do you get what I'm saying?

    When he suggests we might all be superheroes, we just go with him on that journey. No hesitation.

    Is this what getting carried away feels like? No, definitely not.

    He would seriously make the best friend, ever.

    Real proof that he would also make the best boyfriend. I don't even think he was actually acting in these scenes, to be honest.

    Speaking of acting, he's quite possibly the most dynamic guy in the biz.

    What more could you want in a man? Nothing, there's nothing else to want.

    Wait, no, he also sings. So, there's that.

    Listen to his angelic pipes here.

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    In conclusion, remember every beautiful thing you've seen here, especially that one GIF up top (the butt one).

    And try, try, my friends, to get on with your day as best you can.