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    Here's How Lauren Conrad Gets Her Perfect Waves

    No professional stylist needed!

    John Shearer / Getty Images

    "You're going to take the top 2/3 of your hair and pin it out of the way."

    "I'm going to take a small portion of hair and curl it away from my face."

    "I'm going to basically curl it around my hand and pin it up."

    "And then we're going to do that a bunch of times."

    "Once you've curled and pinned up your whole head and it looks like're gonna do a light coat over the whole thing."

    *She uses John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hair Spray.

    "Once they're cool, they're ready to take down."

    "If you have a couple curls that have gone astray, it's fine to go back with the curling iron and touch them up."

    Once you've brushed out your curls, you're going to do one more light layer of hair spray."

    "And your look is complete!"

    Watch the whole tutorial here!

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