Erik Von Detten Was The Biggest Dreamboat Of The ’90s

It didn’t even matter that his hair was wet for a whole decade, we didn’t give a damn!

1. Does this photo stir up any powerful emotions? Because it ABSOLUTELY should.

Big Hit Magazine

2. If you don’t recognize this middle part at all, then scat, scram, get outta here!

BB Magazine

3. No, seriously, just go. Erik Von Detten is and forever will be our oldest love.

Teen Beat Magazine

You know his hair was itching the shit out of his face during this photo shoot.

4. I mean, who else had hair like that? Literally, no one. His hair was astounding. The ONLY male hair I’ve ever been jealous of.

Escape to Witch Mountain / Buena Vista Television / youtube.com


5. But also, his beautiful Californian accent. It swept us right off our Tevas.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

6. Every time we looked at him, we just thought to ourselves, This is a cool guy. This is what a cool guy looks like. Those are cool jeans.

Courtesy of Brink Productions / tumblr.com

7. I mean, he was THE reason all of us bought Rollerblades.


8. Not to mention, the reason we even considered partaking in a game of spin the bottle. If Erik thought it was OK, then our moms would definitely agree it’s fine!

Robert Simonds Productions / movieclips.com


9. Bop Magazine might as well have been nothing without him (and JTT, of course).

BOP Magazine

10. Let’s talk about the fact that he had his own show in 1999. Um, what 17-year-old has their own show?? Besides every single kid on the Disney Channel.

Frontier Pictures / youtube.com

Frontier Pictures / kales.tumblr.com

Frontier Pictures / kales.tumblr.com


11. He’s just an all-around fantastic dude and if I knew him personally, I’m 92% sure I could back that up.

So Weird Productions / Disney / melissagifs.tumblr.com


12. Like, it doesn’t even matter that he wore this outfit. In fact, everyone should love this outfit. Everyone should love every single bit of this outfit. Except for that leather jacket, obviously.

Matthew Simmons / Getty Images

13. Did it bother us that we could never actually keep up with him on a dance floor? No, not really. We could still dance near him, further off to the side!

Nothing Can Go Wrong Productions


14. You get the point, people. It’s Erik Von Detten.

BB Magazine

15. Erik Von D. was the cutest thing to ever hit our television screens from 1995–2004.

Dinotopia / Courtesy of ABC Productions


16. The voice of Sid inToy Story wasn’t his best role, I admit. Sid was a jerk. But hey, the kid showed tenacity!

Pixar Animation Studios / youtube.com

Pixar Animation Studios / youtube.com


17. He also played a total douche bag in The Princess Diaries, but we were able to look past it.

Courtesy of Walt Disney Productions

Courtesy of Walt Disney Productions


The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Productions / th0ugh.tumblr.com

The Princess Diaries / Walt Disney Productions / kissesandlust.tumblr.com


19. Some of us even watched him on Celebrity Mole, despite the fact that it was the worst show ever. He made it worthwhile, obvi.

Celebrity Mole Hawaii / youtube.com

Celebrity Mole Hawaii / youtube.com

Celebrity Mole Hawaii /youtube.com


20. In sixth grade, we never knew whether or not to write Mrs. Detten or Mrs. Von Detten on our binders.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

21. So I just wrote E. V. Detten because I thought it would look sophisticated on a desk plaque.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

22. Basically, in the end, we all want Erik to come back to our screens. Do something, please. We miss you and your splendid locks!

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

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