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21 Reasons Why Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Were The Cutest Couple Of 2013

Why can't there be a Spider-Man for all of us?

1. They literally ALWAYS look like they're incredibly in love with each other, even if they're just walking down the street.

2. A webbed unitard won't even stop them from showing it.

3. When the cameras stop rolling, they can't take their eyes off each other.

4. I mean, look at this picture hung up in her fake room for their new movie. THIS IS PRECIOUS.

5. They make sense together — look how cool and casual they are!

6. Flirting for them is like a second language. Maybe even the only language.

7. This is obviously NOT acting. This is real life, people.

8. Even freezing weather can't distract them from being together!

9. See, look: They just want to keep each other warm and it's sooooo sweet.

10. The two might as well be magnets, even when someone else is involved. Third wheel, GET OUT.

11. What other celebrity couples photobomb each other?!

12. No one does. No one. If they do, they certainly don't look this hilarious doing it.

13. Everyone knows this kiss would not have been this passionate if they hadn't been dating!

14. This kiss wasn't even scripted. Andrew just missed his girlfriend, dammit.

15. Can they even take their hands off each other?? NO. Never.

16. For example, here's how they look at each other ON camera.

17. Here's how they look at each other OFF camera. IT'S THE EXACT SAME.

18. He even boops her nose sometimes or whatever it is he's doing here.

19. Clearly, he doesn't have to try hard to amuse her!

20. They have more fun than they should while preparing to fly high through the air strapped to very thin harnesses.

21. It's true, in the end, they just look PERFECT together. That's all there is to it!