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    Posted on Nov 12, 2013

    16 Things Miley Cyrus Did In Her New Bangerz Tour Promo Video

    A lot can happen in 60 seconds.

    1. First things first, she gathered her clique and danced on the grass sans pants.

    2. Then, in an instant, she thrust her hip and pulled on her very long strand of chewed gum.

    3. After that, she put that very long strand of chewed gum back in her mouth.

    4. Soon after, these women shook their boobies fiercely.

    5. Then right after, Miley shook her boobies a little bit less fiercely.

    6. All of a sudden, everyone looked like they were having a blast. Except that stuffed bear, who looked pretty miserable.

    7. Next, Miley held onto the hips of this one lady while sticking out her tongue and moving back and forth.

    8. No less than two seconds later, she grinded on the larger version of her infamous foam finger.

    9. In addition, someone decorated their Crocs and did a high school musical dance.

    10. Then she whipped her hair back and forth and spun a ponytail at the same time.

    11. Afterward, she shook her cheeks at the camera.

    12. Later, she gave this dog a seductive kiss and did her tongue thing again.

    13. Fast-forward to daylight and she's still pretty much doing the same thing, except while perched atop another lady.

    14. At that same time, a third lady was trapped in this finger.

    15. Suddenly, these poodles watched very curiously.

    16. FINALLY, she ended the promo doing her thing, up in the air.

    Watch the whole crazy journey here!


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