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    Nov 11, 2014

    11 Things Everyone Bad With Names Knows To Be True

    Meeting new people is hard when your memory sucks.

    1. It’s like your brain blacks out during introductions.

    2. And no matter how hard you think, you just can't remember.

    3. Every day you just play along by smiling and nodding.

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    4. And you resort to calling him “chief” or…

    ABC / Via

    As in, “Sup, chief!”

    5. ..."bro."

    Comedy Central / Via

    Because you're tight like brothers.

    6. Or you throw one of these her way.

    Screen Gems / Via

    7. Eventually you ask someone else after they leave.

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    8. Or you very smoothly ask them to enter their number in your phone.

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    “Just uh… fill in all the fields.”

    9. Or you introduce them to someone whose name you CAN remember and pay close attention.

    Comedy Central / Via

    That's the key -- paying attention.

    10. Of course, you can always confess and ask their name directly.

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    11. Then beg for forgiveness.

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    This is always your best bet (aside from referring to people as “chief”).