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13 Things You Didn't Know About Nutella

Nutella is the answer. Nobody cares about the question.

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2. Napoleon may be responsible for the world's Nutella addiction.

Emily Carlo / BuzzFeed

According to Mental Floss, "Back in 1806, Napoleon tried to freeze out British commerce as a means to win the Napoleonic wars (and take over the world). The result was a disastrous continental blockade that caused the cost of chocolate to skyrocket." Chocolatiers realized they could add hazelnuts to their chocolate rations for a larger supply. Hence, the hazelnut-chocolate spread.

3. It wasn't always "Nutella."

WTF is pasta gianduja? Exactly what this stuff used to be called, back when it came in the form of a sliceable loaf. Eventally, the loaf was turned into a spread and Ferrero changed to Nutella, which is the combination of the English word “nut” and the Latin suffix “ella,” meaning “sweet.”


6. The family that owns Nutella could literally live in a castle of chocolate, if they wanted to.

Matilda / TriStar Picutres

Michele Ferrero, the patriarch of the Ferrero family and owner of the Nutella brand, has an estimated net worth of over $26 billion.


11. There are over 6 million pictures tagged #nutella on Instagram.

#foodporn FTW.

13. You can light Nutella on FIRE.

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Nutella: Light of my life, fire of my loins... No but seriously, it's flammable. And whoever decided to burn this chocolate goodness rather than eat it deserves a special place in the underworld.

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