21 Wine Glasses You Actually Need In Your Life

    Wine: It's just win with an e.

    1. For when you pretend you're athletic.

    2. For sentimental bonding time with your roommate.

    3. For when you got a little more communicative than you meant to.

    4. For the days when you had to stay two hours late at work.

    5. For when you're trying to get the party started...

    6. ...or when you're just trying to get straight-up turnt.

    7. For when wine > relationships.

    8. For when you could use a little help justifying your life decisions.

    9. For when you realize you're actually a real adult now.

    10. And for when, well...

    11. For when you literally DGAF.

    12. For you and your best WTF.

    13. For when you need a pick-me-up at any time of the day.

    14. For when you just need to tell it like it is.

    15. For when you're trying to stretch your weekly paycheck.

    16. For when you've got a conundrum you really need to figure out.

    17. For your weekend getaway.

    18. For when you realize you've already killed the whole bottle.

    19. For when you're feeling especially moody.

    20. For when wine is the one you turn to for help.

    21. For when the struggle IS real.