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22 Food Gadgets That Will Make Camping Way More Fun

Some of these are useful. Some are not. But you'll probably want all of them.

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2. Edible Cups

For anyone concerned about accumulating trash in the woods, these cups are made from plant-based gelatin and they are 100% edible. As for the taste — well, that's for you to find out. Get it here.


10. Temperature Controlled Beer Koozie / Via

The sturdy foam helps to insulate the can and keep your beer from getting hot, and a thermometer will warn you when it's reached lukewarm, time-for-a-new-one temperature. Get it here.


18. Multifunctional Cooler with Built-In Speakers

This cooler includes a built-in blender, speaker system, USB charger and so much more. Great for camping, tailgating, or just for the beach. Get it here.


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