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    Here Are 22 Diagrams For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Dessert

    To dessert or not to dessert... Is there any question?

    1. This aesthetic pie crust chart:

    2. This perfect wine and chocolate pairing chart:

    3. This chart that shows all the different ways to make chocolate chip cookies:

    4. Or this chart, if brownies are more your thing.

    5. This chart to make super easy chocolate treats:

    6. This coffee and dessert pairing chart:

    7. This single chart with literally over 300 cookie recipes:

    8. This hot chocolate flavor chart:

    9. This pastry pronunciation chart:

    10. This vegan cupcake recipe chart:

    11. This chart that shows the inside of your favorite chocolates:

    12. This chart that shows how to assemble a strawberry shortcake:

    13. This chart to make the most perfect chocolate chip cookie:

    14. This chart for delectable chocolate mug cakes:

    15. This chart that teaches you about the inside of fancy British cakes:

    16. This super easy cheesecake recipe chart:

    17. This informative gelato vs. ice cream chart:

    18. This gingerbread cookie recipe chart:

    19. This chart that will teach you everything you want to know about doughnuts:

    20. This chart that will help you make the most delectable in-season pies:

    21. This chart for cute ice cream cone cupcakes:

    22. This chart of famous desserts from around the world: