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People Are Thrilled That A Labour MP Asked Kay Burley: "What's Wrong With You?"

Dawn Butler told BuzzFeed News it was a "surreal" interview. But she would do it again.

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Labour MP Dawn Butler got so fed up with Kay Burley's questioning on Sky News that she asked: "What's wrong with you?"

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The TV clash happened when Butler was asked why she had nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership when she wanted Andy Burnham to win.

The MP for Brent Central grew increasingly frustrated with Burley. "You say that politicians don't answer the question, I've answered it three times, and then you're asking me the same question again," Butler said.

The interview got tense when Butler insisted Burnham had vowed to include Corbyn in his shadow cabinet if he became leader. "Don't tell me he didn't say it because he did – what's wrong with you?" Butler said.

It's safe to say Burley did not look impressed.


That was thanks to jokes like these.

KAY BURLEY: Have you got change for a £10 note? PASSER-BY: Yes. KAY BURLEY: Just answer the question.

Kay Burley: What's your favourite colour? Interviewee: Well, I like lots of colours but... KB: Answer the question. I: Blue. KB: Not red?

Butler told BuzzFeed News the exchange was "so weird, so surreal".

"It was just so weird that someone who's supposed to be interviewing me seemed to have a tick list and I was supposed to fall into a trap or something," she said. "And I didn't fall into the trap so she just seemed to keep up with same questions – it was just silly.

"When I nominated Jeremy I wasn't sure who I would support. But one thing I knew was we need to have a debate in the party – there's no point in a narrow debate, we need a wide debate otherwise what's the point? How are we going to understand who we are as a party if we don't have many people with different views on the panel?"


Would she agree to an interview with Burley again? "Ah, do I have to?" Butler replied, laughing.

But she added: "Yeah I would. To be honest, I would have liked to be in the studio with her because I would have liked to have looked her in the eye – it was just shocking to me, the thing about the shadow cabinet.

"To me it's just like academics saying this is the empirical evidence for blah blah blah and you say: 'Yeah, but I was there and this is what happened.'

Butler said she hadn't meant to be rude by asking Burley, 'What's wrong with you?'

"I don't know if I really meant to say it, to be honest," she said, "but you know when you just think it – 'What's wrong with you, you're not listening to the answers?'"

Butler said she had watched the clip back a few times and was pleased people were enjoying it.

"It's great in life when you're able to brighten up somebody's day, and I seemed to have brightened up a few people's days," she said.

"So it's quite good. This is me, this is who I am. We need to be grounded, we need to work out where we are as a party, we need our USP [unique selling point]. We're not Tory-lite, but we will only get that across if we're very clear about who we are."

These viewers certainly enjoyed the interview, anyway.

Just seen that Kay Burley interview with Dawn Butler. Hilarious. Like watching a GCSE drama student play a political journalist.

I have seen cats ask better interview questions @DawnButlerBrent @KayBurley

To which Burley replied:

You haven't though, have you? You're just trying to seek attention aren't you? #SillyMoo

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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