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Watch Ed Miliband Being Ambushed By Protesters Just Hours Before TV Debate

The Labour leader was surrounded by Tory campaigners and fathers' rights activists – but contrary to some reports, no punches appear to have been thrown.

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This is the moment Ed Miliband was ambushed by protesters outside a Labour event in south east London.

A small crowd of people jostled the Labour leader as he walked to his car after the Q&A in Rotherhithe. Some were Conservative Party activists wearing Alex Salmond masks; others were from New Fathers 4 Justice.

Reports last week suggested that Miliband was punched in the chest by the protesters. Labour activists told the Daily Mirror how the group "set upon him immediately" and prevented him getting in the car.

A senior Labour source told BuzzFeed News that Miliband definitely wasn't punched – and the video we have obtained appears to confirm that. While Miliband is surrounded and shouted at, he is able to get into his car unimpeded and keeps smiling throughout.

New Fathers 4 Justice / Via

The moment was filmed by Carol Wheeler, a campaigner from New Fathers 4 Justice which aims to highlight the "injustice that fathers face in the family court system".

She was joined by fellow activists Archi Ssan and Bobby Smith in the protest.

Smith told BuzzFeed News: "We were there because he didn't answer my question on shared parenting. I think as long as you don't block his path and he's not scared, it's OK to raise your voice and be heard."

New Fathers 4 Justice / Via

Around six Tory activists in Alex Salmond masks were also present, holding signs saying: "Dance to my tune Ed!" and "I'll prop you up Ed!"

They were joined by reporters from The Sun newspaper in the same masks.

Masked Tory activists have protested outside a string of Labour events in recent weeks. A Conservative Party spokesman vehemently denied that any of its supporters has ever laid a hand on Miliband.

The @Conservatives are bringing out the Salmond masks again. A welcome party for Ed Miliband in Southwark #ge2015

The Labour leader had been taking questions from local residents just hours before his head-to-head with Jeremy Paxman.

A Labour spokesperson said: "There was a bit of campaign rough and tumble. Ed shrugged it off and got on with his day."

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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