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Tory MPs Are All Mysteriously Tweeting The Same Description Of David Cameron

He gave a "strong and commanding" performance on TV, apparently. We're sure it was just a coincidence.

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David Cameron just went on a special BBC Question Time and strangely prompted exactly the same reaction from many Conservatives.


If you thought Twitter was spontaneous, think again. These ministers thought Cameron gave a "strong, commanding performance".

Wow. What a strong, commanding performance from @David_Cameron - energy, passion and a really strong programme #BBCQT

Strong and commanding performance by @David_Cameron #VoteConservative #Securetherecovery #bbcqt

So did the Tories' election campaign adviser.

Strong commanding performance from Cameron. He was outstanding. #bbcqt

Oh, and the press office.

Strong commanding performance from David Cameron #VoteConservative #BBCQT

Strong, commanding performance from .@David_Cameron #BBCQT

This minister shook it up a bit, though – he thought Cameron was "passionate" too.

Passionate & commanding performance from @David_Cameron. Clear leadership on the key issues. #bbcqt

The chancellor stuck to "strong".

David Cameron just gave the performance of a lifetime - strong, personal and profoundly optimistic about Britain's future

As did this Treasury minister.

After a strong Cameron performance EdM weak on deficit and SNP #bbcqt

But the official Tory account assured us he was definitely "commanding".

Commanding performance from the PM tonight. #bbcqt

Don't worry, guys, no one noticed.

There is certainly some strong commanding going on somewhere. #bbcqt

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