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The Tories Just Spent The Whole Of PMQs Jeering At Jeremy Corbyn

"I'd give you full Marx," said David Cameron.

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Jeremy Corbyn has faced the loudest and most sustained jeers yet from Tory MPs at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday.

At his fifth head-to-head with David Cameron, the Labour leader was met with a wall of noise from the Conservative benches as he asked about tax credits and the NHS.

The rowdy atmosphere was a marked change from Corbyn's earlier House of Commons sessions, when Tory MPs largely restrained themselves in front of the new Opposition leader. This time, however, the gloves were off.

As soon as Corbyn stood up, he was greeted with loud ironic cheers from the Tory benches. He pressed Cameron on the impact of tax credit cuts on the poorest people – after failing to get an answer last week – but was again told to wait until the autumn statement later this month.

The PM said: "If he wants to spend the next five questions asking it all over again I'm sure he'll find that's all very entertaining and interesting. How it fits with the new politics I'm not quite sure, but over to you!"

As Tory MPs went wild, Corbyn said: "Mr Speaker, this isn't about entertainment..." That remark sparked fresh peals of laughter from Conservative benches, prompting Corbyn to roll his eyes before looking at them seriously.

"This is not funny for people who are desperately worried about what's going to happen to them next April," Corbyn said, quietly.

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Corbyn focused on tax credits for three of his allotted six questions, before turning to pressures on the NHS. Quoting Dr Cliff Mann at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, he warned that "this winter would be worse than last winter and last winter was the worst winter we've ever had in the NHS".

Cameron insisted the NHS had adequate resources and was "benefiting from £10 billion we put in". He said a Conservative government could fund an NHS – unlike "the countries he admires all over the world with their crazy socialist plans".

Reaching for his notes, the PM added: "If you want to know who is heading for a winter crisis, I would predict it is the Labour party!

"Look at your appointments: your media adviser is a Stalinist, your new policy adviser is a Trotskyist, and your economic adviser is a communist – if you're trying to move the Labour party to the left I'd give you full Marx."

The jibe sparked huge cheers from his party and shouts of "more, more".

Corbyn's team were not impressed at Cameron's responses. Speaking afterwards, his spokesperson told reporters: "We’re disappointed we don’t get straight answers in Prime Minister's Questions."

Asked by BuzzFeed News what they made of Cameron's "winter crisis" jibe, they added: "We’re not going to respond to that kind of attack. We don’t feel the Labour party is in crisis."

The Tory jeers and jibes didn't go down too well with commentators either.

The Tory whips should play a recording of this to Tory MPs and ask them if they think the jeering looks good. #PMQs

The jeering from Tories during today's #PMQs is utterly, unforgivably disgusting. What a sickening spectacle.

Tories jeering Corbyn as he was trying to pay tribute to victims of war. Again, not a good look #PMQs

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