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David Cameron Just Ate A Hot Dog With A Knife And Fork

He's trying to avoid a bacon sandwich moment.

Just imagine being a politician on the campaign trail, being followed by cameras everywhere you go.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire

When David Cameron had his plate loaded up at a family barbecue in Poole, Dorset, he knew the world was watching.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire

So there was only one thing for it – he was going to have to eat that hot dog with a knife and fork.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire

Let's take a closer look. Yes, this is perfectly natural. Nothing to see here, folks.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire

Journalists were analysing his eating habits bite by bite.

Cam has a go at eating on camera - brave

#Cameron at bank holiday BBQ in #Dorset. Eating in front of cameras. Might explain use of knife and fork for hotdog

The cutlery allowed him to eat the hot dog "fairly competently", according to onlookers.

Breaking news: The PM ATE a hotdog w ketchup. He managed it "fairly competently". Maybe because - wait for it- he used a knife and fork!

But some people were incredulous.

Election story of day: David Cameron eats hot dog with ketchup, to show he's in touch with ordinary folk - blows it by using a knife & fork

What kind of person eats a hot dog with a knife and fork? #Cameron #GE2015

Who would eat a hot dog with a knife and fork? Maybe someone who's learned a lesson from Ed Miliband.

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