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The Government Has Just Warned People That Poohsticks Is Dangerous

"Do not allow children to lean out over sides of the bridge."

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The government has tweeted out some advice to people who fancy a game of Poohsticks.

Philip Toscano / PA Archive

The drawing by E.H Shepard of Winnie the Pooh playing Poohsticks with Piglet and Christopher Robin.


It comes after an engineer came up with a special formula to help people play Poohsticks, which involves dropping sticks off a bridge.

Players each drop a twig into the river and then cross to the downstream side of the bridge to see whose emerges first. The game was created by Winnie the Pooh in A.A. Milne's book The House at Pooh Corner.

But people were a little bemused by the government warnings.

@DCMS plus they might get a splinter from handling dangerous pieces of wood!

@DCMS please be quiet you are embarrassing yourselves


BREAKING: DCMS Twitter account hacked by Tigger. #Poohsticks

@DCMS Please help, I have been injured due to unclear poohsticks instructions

Remember to wear goggles and high visibility jackets when playing #Poohsticks

Alas the tweets were only up for a few minutes before they were deleted. DCMS swiftly apologised.

Silly mistake on our part on the #PoohSticks tweet - we didn't mean for it to be posted. Apologies all.

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