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Lots Of People In England Wish They Could Vote For Nicola Sturgeon

The SNP leader has prompted a wave of appreciation south of the border.

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Nicola Sturgeon is leader of the Scottish National Party.

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But her appearance in the leaders' debate has prompted quite a following from the English.

Many viewers south of the border wished they could vote for her.

I quite like Nicola Sturgeon, I rather wish I could vote for her in England #LeadersDebates

#LiveDebate I live in England but wish I could vote for Nicola Sturgeon. @NicolaSturgeon

Wish I could vote @theSNP - @NicolaSturgeon talking sense. Have to settle for Greens

I bet England wish they could vote for Nicola Sturgeon #leadersdebate

Wish England could vote for @NicolaSturgeon #leadersdebate

People liked her "feisty" answers to questions.

Wish I was Scottish. Feisty performance by @nicolasturgeon. She'd get my vote #leadersdebate

Love how one of my English friends just asked "can I vote for her?" (@NicolaSturgeon) - oh I wish we all could! #SNP #leadersdebate @theSNP

Wish I lived in Scotland so I could vote #nicolasturgeon tbh. #leadersdebate

I also wish I was Scottish so I could vote for @NicolaSturgeon - #snp&greens

Wish I could vote for @NicolaSturgeon #leadersdebate She's the only one talking sense so far.

And others just, well, fancied her.

As much as I'm nailed on to vote labour. Just wish we had someone like Nicola Sturgeon. The true Iron Lady. And I bizarrely find her hot.

Nicola Sturgeon is actually pretty hot 😏👀

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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