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Here’s What Jeremy Corbyn's Team Wants You To Know About The Reshuffle

Erm, not much.

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Jeremy Corbyn's spokesperson has just answered questions from journalists about the shadow cabinet reshuffle, which is currently in its second day.

So far Michael Dugher has revealed he's been sacked as shadow culture secretary and Hilary Benn has sat next to Corbyn on the front bench – suggesting he's kept his post as shadow foreign secretary,

Here are those answers in full.

Hilary Benn's just sat next to Jeremy Corbyn – is he still the shadow foreign secretary?

Everyone's where they are until it's announced by the leader. I'm not going to comment on the reshuffle.

Any guidance on when you might complete this?

No I don't – he'll complete when he completes.

Can you confirm Michael Dugher has been sacked?

I'm not confirming anything until we announce the final position.

Will you do that tonight or tomorrow?

I don't know. We'll wait and see when it's finished then we'll announce it.

So we shouldn't assume because we see someone on the front bench that means they will be on the front bench?

We're not commenting on the reshuffle.

Does that mean Dugher is still technically shadow culture secretary?

Until we announce any changes to the front bench we're not commenting on the reshuffle.

Is there a reason it's taking so long?

We're not going to answer questions about the reshuffle.

Once Jeremy leaves the chamber, presumably he'll hold further meetings with colleagues?

Well, he's going back to look at the situation he was looking at really, that I'm not going to comment on.

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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