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Nick Clegg Has Denied He's Following People On Twitter To Boost His Numbers

People were seriously confused about why the former deputy prime minister followed them and then unfollowed them.

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Nick Clegg has been busy following and unfollowing people on Twitter in recent days – but his team have blamed a "glitch" with his account.

Lots of people were baffled – and a fair few were delighted – when the former deputy prime minister started following them in the past week.

But they were a bit insulted to be unfollowed by him just a day or two later. The strange practice sparked suggestions that Clegg was simply trying to boost his numbers by hoping people would follow him back.

Clegg's team strongly denied any dodgy tactics and instead blamed a problem with the account.

They pointed out that he had only followed people that already followed him – proving that he wasn't using a Twitter bot to boost his followers.

"It is not a ruse to boost his follower count," Clegg's spokesman told BuzzFeed News. "It is some kind of glitch which we think has now been fixed."

As of Thursday, the former Liberal Democrat leader followed just over 40,000 people and had 267,000 followers.


Just look at how happy people were to be followed by Clegg earlier this week.

Nick Clegg followed me on Twitter and I've genuinely never been so happy

um oh my god nick clegg has followed me I don't know why this has happened but I'm glad it has

So @nick_clegg followed me on twitter, naturally I took it upon myself to slide into his dms.

People were a bit wary about the timing of the follow, though.

Nick Clegg followed me last night at 2.10.. I am so very confused

It's 3.44am and Nick Clegg just followed me on Twitter. Bit weird

And then – it was time to face the sad reality.

Nick Clegg has now unfollowed me, which does sting a bit I won't lie

Nick Clegg unfollowed me. This is a sad day.

Oh dear, I've been unfollowed by @nick_clegg . Was it something I said?

as if Nick Clegg unfollowed me, just goes to show once a snake always a snake 🐍🐍🐍

Day three, 22:43 - @nick_clegg gave in and unfollowed me. Hope you enjoyed the ride, big man.

For one brief day @nick_clegg followed me!

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