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Protesters Rocked Up In Leafy Surbiton And Shouted At Nick Clegg

Lib Dem campaigners were not impressed.

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It's Surbiton, that leafy part of southwest London where nothing ever happens. And Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had hoped for a nice, quiet day of campaigning.

Tension is mounting in Surbiton as we await the Clegg bus

But wait, who's this? Someone has come to disrupt Clegg's visit to energy secretary Ed Davey's seat.

"Nick Clegg lied to me, he said uni would be free!"

And there's also this singing red-heeled lady here – another protester from the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition who has come to disrupt the peace.

Emily Ashton / BuzzFeed

"Clegg says cut back, we say fuck that!" they chant.

Oh dear.

These two are also seriously unimpressed with Clegg. The woman tells BuzzFeed News she is Gabby Thorpe but the man mysteriously gives his name as simply Justin.

Emily Ashton / BuzzFeed

Thorpe says Clegg has "broken his promises". She's unhappy with coalition policies on benefit changes and affordable housing.

The ringleader with the megaphone is Richard Donnelly. He tells BuzzFeed News that Clegg has "propped up a Tory government which has been stealing money from the pockets of ordinary people for five years.

"He has the audacity to come to a university town and claim he's a serious alternative to the Tories. He expected there to be no local resistance. Well, there is."

It's really not what Clegg was expecting. This is what he's here for – a nice chat with local families about his shared parental-leave policy.

Emily Ashton / BuzzFeed

But outside the local pub where Clegg is chatting away, the protesters are back. And this time the police have turned up too.

Emily Ashton / BuzzFeed

They can't wait for him to come out. First, there's a bit of a stand-off with the Lib Dem campaigners.

And then here he is – the man of the hour, studiously avoiding the protesters and their chants.

Then the Lib Dems get going, loudly cheering their leader and waving placards in an attempt to drown out the protesters' megaphone.

Emily Ashton / BuzzFeed

Surbiton is still reeling from the shock.

Emily Ashton is a senior political correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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