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15 Insults Banned In The House Of Commons

Don't even think about calling someone a git, guttersnipe, or ignoramus.

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MPs aren't allowed to be rude and insulting about their colleagues. It's up to the Speaker or one of their deputies to decide what is "unparliamentary language". And they can boot MPs out of the chamber if they refuse to take it back.

1. Drunk

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An MP must never accuse another of being drunk – even if they have spent all evening in the Strangers bar. In 1987 Labour MP Frank Cook was forced to withdraw his jibe, replacing it with "half sober".


4. Hypocrite (and humbug)

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Tory MP Robert Adley fell foul of the rules by labelling an MP a "hypocrite" in 1976. He opted for "humbug" instead. But that didn't wash.


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