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    20 Surprising Ways To Eat Red Lentils Without Knowing

    When you hear red lentils, you might think of recipes like stew, curry, soup or dahl. If you have to guess more, you might say lentil bolognese or lentil loaf. But there is a brave new world out there, where you can eat red lentils all day without even realizing it.

    My Pure Plants


    5 protein-packed breakfast ideas to get you started for the day. We have waffles, pancakes, granola bars and more...

    1 - Crispy Vegan Red Lentil Waffles

    My Pure Plants / Via

    2 - Red Lentil Granola Bar

    FANNEtastic Food / Via

    3 - Fluffy Vegan Red Lentil Pancakes

    My Pure Plants / Via

    4 - Sweet Breakfast Lentils

    Bear Plate / Via

    5 - Indian Red Lentil Pudding (Halwa)

    Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey / Via


    5 lunch or dinner ideas to use red lentils instead of soup, stew or curry. We have a burger, hot dog, mac and cheese and more...

    2 - Lentil Carrot Hot Dog

    Veggie Desserts / Via

    3 - Red Lentil Mac and Cheese

    My Kitchen Love / Via

    5 - Red Lentil Nut Roast

    Fab Food 4 All / Via


    You might think "Oh no, it can't be." On the contrary, delicious and mouth-watering desserts with red lentils are entirely possible. We have brownies, cookies, doughnuts and more...

    1 - Red Lentil Brownies

    Vegan Richa / Via

    3 - Cinnamon Chai Baked Red Lentil Doughnuts

    Vegan Miam (guest post by The Plant Philosophy / Via

    5 - No-bake Chocolate Raspberry Lentil Lasagna

    Food Meanderings / Via


    If you are hungry in between meals, check out these 5 recipe ideas still with red lentils. We have flatbread, tortilla chips, pasty pockets and more...

    1 - Red Lentil Flatbread

    Moon and Spoon and Yum / Via

    2 - Puff Pastry Pockets

    V Nutrition and Wellness / Via

    3 - Syrian Red Lentil Skillet Bread

    Strength and Sunshine / Via

    4 - Simple Red Lentil Spread

    Green Evi / Via

    5 - Red Lentil Tortilla Chips

    Power Hungary / Via
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