19 Reasons Why Eleanor Shellstrop From "The Good Place" Is Relatable As Fork

    She once cried into a plunger at a supermarket.

    This is Eleanor Shellstrop. She's the best person and she's just like you and me.

    1. She knows her self-worth.

    2. She makes the best rules.

    3. She knows she's the only one capable of getting anything done.

    4. She asks the questions we're all thinking.

    5. Big words are difficult for her.

    6. She understands the internal conflict that comes with eating Chick-fil-A.

    7. She's not afraid to admit she's in love with Chidi.

    8. She's shameless.

    9. She hates feeling things.

    10. She once cried into a plunger at a supermarket.

    11. She blames other people for her problems.

    12. She isn't afraid to call people out.

    13. She always has the best solutions.

    14. She shops like this.

    15. She had this reaction to kissing Chidi.

    16. She loves to swear.

    17. She always tries her best.

    18. She has slightly unusual wishes.

    19. And she's a goofball just like the rest of us.

    Cheers to the Eleanor in all of us!