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8 Stories That Will Make You Want To Prepare Like Whoa

"Yeah, I wish I hadn't prepared," said no one ever. Unexpected things happen! Have you made an emergency plan? Built a kit? Let's do it. Visit for more info.

1. "It turns out that East Coast winters are frozen hellscapes."

2. "I thought it'd be a good idea to try a free spin class with zero experience taking spin classes and/or riding an actual bike."

"I spent so much time trying to adjust my seat height before the class started that I completely forgot to make sure my feet were secured in the bike's magnetic pedals. Before I knew it, the lights were off, and I had to pedal without my feet attached. It was sweaty and embarrassing, but at least I got a complimentary piece of fruit at the end!”

—Kyle D.

3. "I decided to run a 5K at the zoo and thought, I could do this! I'm not sure why I thought that, because I don't run."

“Anyway, the day of the race came, and I hadn't trained, but when the signal to start went off, I ran! I ran for maybe 45 seconds total and went 'Nope.' I completed the whole thing but wound up walking and definitely did not set a PR.”

—Ashley C.

4. "I had no idea what a formal dance entailed."

5. "We probably should have gotten a press pass."

“I used to be the assignments editor at my college paper, and early in my job, I sent a freshman reporter to a museum reopening to cover the event. It was free, so I figured he'd just go in, check it out, and talk to some people.

"Well apparently you needed advance tickets, but I overlooked that. In the end, he didn't get in, and it was a disaster because we needed to scramble to fill the spot in the paper's layout.”

—Dana V.

6. "I’ll always check the weather from here on out."

“When I started my first job, I would commute by bike because it was cheap and convenient. During my second week on the job, I looked out at the sun shining through my window as I got dressed for the day. On the way to work, I started pedaling down the street, and suddenly, the sky opened up and started pouring rain on me.”

—Clark M.

7. "Always bring a bathing suit when you go on vacation. It doesn't take up that much space, and you might get to go swimming."

8. "I was dumb, didn’t prepare for an emergency, paid the price, and now keep a well-stocked emergency kit on hand."

"I was not prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Like, at all. I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t until I saw the entire face of a building SLIDE OFF into the STREET that I realized, 'Oh, hey, maybe this storm really IS as bad as everyone says it is.' The power went out in my neighborhood. It didn’t come back for almost an entire week."

—Kelley D.

A disaster could happen at any time. Be informed! Visit for more information.