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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The name of the emerald cut diamond engagement ring comes from the simple and simple emerald-cut diamond. On several occasions, reference is made to step cut and also reflects the appearance of stairs. In fact, it is arranged in the form of rectangular steps that would normally create the illusion of a much larger stone. Interestingly, it was found that this diamond was mainly used for cutting emeralds and not diamonds. The nature of the stone was extremely brittle and hard to cope with the natural imperfections and inclusions of the emeralds.

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Why Emerald?

The beauty of the stone lies in the pruned nature of the corner, which led to a rectangular shape with an octagonal outline. The corners were rounded to avoid the breaking of the stone.

Diamond engagement rings in emerald cut have become a very popular option due to the beauty and sophisticated nature of the stone. It usually looks very classy and stunning, making it a popular alternative. The lines of the stone underline the elegant and elegant character. Due to its longer length, it offers immense flashes of light and is, therefore, one of the most elaborate and complex ring settings. In historical times, it was seen that the emerald cut diamond engagement ring was won only by the upper classes. Emeralds meant sophistication and wealth.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring usually looks best on women who have long, beautiful and slender fingers. Women who have short and short fingers should avoid this cut as they could make their fingers look thicker. But in the case of a woman who loves this cut and style, she has the alternative of putting stones and baguettes on the ring. This would cause the focus to shift away from the fingers.

If you want to buy an emerald cut diamond engagement ring, some basic factors should be considered. The quality of the diamond is perhaps the first quality that you should consider regarding the quality of the diamond piece. Apart from that, clarity is another factor to focus on. There is no doubt that clarity and color are the most important aspects that need to be investigated. Whatever your budget is, you should pick the highest grade. In addition, consider the department and table as important criteria that you should also understand when buying emerald cut diamond rings.

Consider this as a good investment option for engagement wedding rings because it is not expensive since the round diamond engagement rings and you can afford to buy a bigger stone too if your budget is tight. But you must be aware that due to its rectangular shape you should get a four-pronged setting for better stability.

Due to its shape, only these rings are paired with side stones, especially baguettes made of diamonds or gems such as ruby. You will notice that the side stones are usually smaller and in proportion to the central stone. Always remember that if your wife has long fingers, you must choose a suitable size, but if your wife has short and thick fingers, then the emerald cut diamond engagement rings will not fit her fingers well.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an emerald cut diamond engagement ring is that beauty is immense and costs are limited. So, if you're looking for an engagement ring that reflects sophistication on a reasonable budget, then you know the emerald cut is a priceless option for you. Get it right away and make the woman of your life very happy!

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