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Why You Should Stop What You Are Watching And Watch The #RacetoTheNines RuPaul Marathon

No really, stop your Netflix and do this.

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1. RuPaul’s drag race is the epitome of a competition reality show.

Challenges, contestant drama, guest judges, you name it and this show’s got it. Some other reality tv shows get bogged down by non-relevant issues like what’s happening in everyone’s living situations- Drag Race keeps it on topic and all filming happens in the work room or on the main stage.

2. Talent!


You can’t be the Next Drag Superstar if you don’t have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. You also got to look good in that wig, have fabulous contouring skills, be able to sew, and entertain.

4. The body positivity

There are days I look in the mirror and wish I didn’t eat that extra donut. But then I watch Drag Race and see the luscious, large queens like Latrice Royale or Ginfer Minj and I know that if they can work it in floor length sequins (#sequence) gowns then I can too.

5. Mama Ru

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Come through Mama Ru! RuPaul is the perfect host/judge/therapist/model drag queen that a girl could ask for. She tells it to you like it is so you can become better and live up to your superstar potential. RuPaul is someone I want on my side.

7. The shadeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Everybody knows one of the best parts of reality tv is the confessionals when we get to hear what the contestants really think. And boy, do you get to hear what they really think. And because no T, no shade, we also get to hear what they think when they confront the other girls directly. #backrolls

8. The Snatch Game


Get ready to be introduced to one of the best parody game shows on a reality competition of all time. The Snatch Game. The art of impersonation is important in drag and the contestants dress up as celebrities to compete in a parody of the Match Game. Not only do you have to have a spot on impression, you have to be funny. If you show up to Drag Race and don’t have your Snatch Game ready to go, get ready to go home. Because this is serious.

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