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    Someone Needs To Invent This App That Plays Nickelback Songs To Stop You From Stalking Your Ex Online

    It's featured in an online comedy video, but this could be SERIOUSLY effective.

    This parody advertisement for "Nickelblock," an app that plays Nickelback songs every time you try to to stalk your ex online, could easily make anyone metaphorically run to the nearest app store and download it immediately.

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    Unfortunately, the virtual aisles will be empty as Nickelblock is not a real app, but rather a pretty genius comedy sketch by the Upright Citizens Brigade-born comedy group Lady Products.

    But wouldn't it be great if it did exist? Who hasn't spent a night in bed with a glass (bottle) of wine flipping through your ex's Facebook vacation pics from 2004?

    And the long-term affect of constantly associating your ex with Nickelback could prove more helpful than thousands of dollars worth of therapy.

    But maybe it's for the best that the app doesn't exist, as the risks involved may outweigh the rewards.

    Risks include:

    Being attracted to
    – Frosted tips
    – Pooka shell ecklaces
    – Chin pubes

    A strong desire to bomb Canada for creating a monster
    Loss of dignity

    Please contact your doctor if you are able to listen to an entire Nickelback album as this may be a sign you'll be alone forever.

    In any case, you're pretty good at comedy, Lady Products, but you might have a future in app marketing as well.

    h/t Huffington Post