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This Prank A Math Teacher Pulled On His Students Is Insanely Impressive

Especially for a math teacher.

This has been a week of realizing how cool math teachers can be, and Professor Matthew Weathers of Biola University is no exception.

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It all started with just a normal algebra video presentation, when suddenly the video started getting a little saucy...

Matthew Weathers / Via

Prof. Weathers tried to diffuse the fight, but there was no stopping this YouTube tyrant. He had to intervene.

Matthew Weathers / Via

Unfortunately Prof. Weathers was no match for the video villain, and he ended up suffering the fate of all discarded web browsers.

Matthew Weathers / Via

Luckily his evil video twin was well versed in algebra, and stepped in to give the class a pop quiz.

Matthew Weathers / Via

I'm beginning to regret not majoring in math...

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