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The "Gluten Free Museum" Imagines What Famous Art Would Look Like Without Carbs

Gluten is more culturally important than you ever imagined.

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With the gluten-free craze still going strong, a mysterious French Tumblr user is drawing attention to a serious issue: how a gluten-free world would affect culture as we know it.

The "Gluten Free Museum" Tumblr makes the case that if there weren't any gluten, the masterpieces of the Western artistic canon would look entirely different.

There would be no wheat for painted peasants to pick or sleep on.

Still lifes would be seriously lacking.

And this would just be a picture of Picasso looking bummed out.

Even pop culture would be greatly affected!

Childhood ruined.

After all, who's Chief Wiggum without his doughnut?

Or this toucan without his beer?

Quentin Tarantino wouldn't be happy about it either.

The point that this anonymous French internet activist must be making is...

You can take the gluten out of our cake, but you can't take it out of our art!

(There is some really good gluten-free cake, though.)

American Zoetrope / Via

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