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    This Cheeky Sign Language Interpreter Totally Stole The Show At A Singing Competition

    God bless that purple bowtie.

    While signing during a performance from Eurovision competitor Magnus Carlsson, Swedish sign artist Tommy Krångh rendered the international heartthrob practically invisible this week with an enthusiastic performance.

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    The Scandinavian network SVT was airing the signed version of the Scandinavian music competition show "Melodifestivalen."

    Within two days of being posted the video went viral, garnering over 800,000 views and a giant international social media plea to "send Tommy to Vienna" for the Eurovision finals.

    "My world has been turned upside down," Krångh told The Guardian. "I am thrilled and happy; there has been so much love from the internet."

    And it makes sense; Krångh's performance has everything:


    Sex appeal.

    And just plain fun!

    Carlsson's going to need to step up his game to compete with that true star quality.

    If you crave more Krångh (and who doesn't), here's a video of his from 2012:

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