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No One Has Made Kicking Ass Look Classier Than These Women From The 1940s

Or, "How To Be A Real Life Charlie's Angel."

Though the film company called it "Judo Gymnastics," this is very clearly an instructional video on how to kick some man-tush in sensible heels.

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Here's some ways to crush an assailant while keeping your flawless post-war up-do in check:

(Disclaimer: Do not try these with someone you like.)

This move is probably called "The Headbanger."

This one's definitely "The Roll N' Chop."

No doubt that this is "The Hairflip."

Oh you gotta knife? NBD.

Ooo, a gun! I'm so scared! SIKE.

This girl gets how cool it is.

This couple isn't so sure.

But that's okay, 'cause guess what she does to haters?

Charlie's Angels is starting to look a bit more realistic, huh.